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Hi Bojames,

Bojames wrote:
Created new project called FOO_Code.
Added all content of original hierarchy to the project.
Assigned a project-level Label: "pro1" to FOO_Code.
Checked-out entire project into new working folder: dev1
Merged new hierarchy and changed/added files into dev1.
Checked-In all of the contents of the hierarchy.
Assigned project-level Label: "int1"

Getting the project by the 2nd label "int1" will get all files including files that should only be in the old structure.

The below approach might work better:

1. Create a new project called "Foo_code";
2. Designate this project as a "Web project" and put in the destination (FTP) info (SAWH server manager->Repositories->{current repository}->Web projects). Please refer to:
3. Open the client, go to Tools->Wildcard Search and put the right Check In dates (the time that the files belonging to the new structure were checked in);
4. In the "Search Result" window, choose the files of the new structure (probably all of them) and click on "Web Deploy" and the wanted files will be copied/uploaded to the destination (FTP) you specified for this project.
5. Thus only the files plus the new structure of the project are available for deployment.

Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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