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This thread aims to introduce some resources, like forums, blogs, books and tools for VSS.


Home Page of Visual SourceSafe (VSS):

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) in Wikipedia:

Product Review of Visual SourceSafe (VSS):

Feature Review of Visual SourceSafe (VSS):

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Road Map:


I strongly suggest you post your questions in the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) forum of Dynamsoft. We will try our best to help you.

Microsoft SourceSafe 6.0 General Q&A:

Microsoft SourceSafe 6.0 Technical FAQ:

Product Document of Visual SourceSafe (VSS):


Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 Update Download Link: ... laylang=en

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 6.0 Service Pack 6: ... layLang=en

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 4.0/5.0 Utility: Detects and Validates Database Files (Analyze6.exe): ... layLang=en

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 6.0 Automation Sample: ... laylang=en


Kevin Gao's blog is a technical blog focusing on SourceSafe, source control and software development.

Richard Berg's blog contains status updates and interesting articles on VSS.


Essential SourceSafe, written by Ted Roche and Larry C. Whipple, aka. "The VSS Bible" ... 1930919050

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice, written by Alexandru Serban ... 904811698/


Visual SourceSafe (VSS) remote access add-on tool

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) replacement ... e-VSS.aspx

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) hosting alternative ... ntrol.aspx


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