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1. One page and multi-page Tiff supported

2. HTTP Upload now supports HTTP Post command

3. Many high level properties and methods added

4. Method EnableSource(Boolean IfShowUI) changed to EnableSource(), method HTTPUploadAsBMP() changed to HTTPUploadAsBMPThroughPut(), method HTTPUploadAsJPEG() changed to HTTPUploadAsJPEGThroughPut().

5. Added methods:

FeedPage(), FTPUploadAsTIFF(), RewindPage()
HTTPUploadAsBMPThroughPost(), HTTPUploadAsJPEGThroughPost(),
HTTPUploadAsTIFFThroughPost(), HTTPUploadAsTIFFThroughPut(), SaveAsTIFF()

6. Added properties:

BitDepth, Brightness, Contrast, DataSourceStatus,
Duplex, IfAutoBright, IfAutoFeed, IfAutoScan,
IfDeviceOnline, IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire, IfDuplexEnabled,
IfFeederEnabled, IfModalUI, IfPaperDetectable, IfShowIndicator,
IfShowUI, IfThrowException, IfTiffMultiPage, IfUIControllable,
PageSize, PixelFlavor, PixelType, Resolution, Unit, XferCount

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