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I have just purchased the standalone Sourcesafe.
SVN is also installed and I have played with that in the past and figured out how to set up a working copy and releases.
Is there some help for beginners that shows the basic workflow for setting up working copy (I think this part is ok as I just ADD files then check out to edit and check back in to save revisions of the working copy. What I was wanting mainly to know is how to set up release versions?

I presume I can check in the working copy but there is a function to create a new folder to save it as a new release?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Orbitcoms,

Thank you for contacting us.

we offer two ways depend on your needs.

1. use label if you continue working on the same solution. Label will help you get something like history back.

2. use branch if you want to work on different versions at the same time.

And below is the How to use SourceAnywhere document for your reference:

Please let me know if you have any further question.


Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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