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SourceAnywhere Hosted Server has been upgraded to version 3.0.1, which is not compatible with previous versions. To continue using the online version control service, please check in all your files, and then install Clients and Server Manager of the latest version. (There is no need to uninstall version 2.3.1.)

Here is the download page of version 3.0.1: ... nload.aspx

    - It’s recommended you check in/undo checkout all the checked out items before service upgrade. If you didn’t do that, you will find Local Path missing in Pending Checkins window after upgrade and fail to perform Check In/Undo checkout there. In this case, please do the operations via file explorer.

    - If you didn’t Check In/Undo checkout the checked out items before upgrade, in Visual Studio, you may see the status of the files become “Checked out exclusively by someone else or in another place” after upgrade.

    In this case, you can log in SourceAnywhere Hosted Windows GUI Client, set the working folder of the project to the solution folder and perform recursive Check In/Undo Check Out there. After that, you will be able to use the Visual Studio IDE Client properly.

    - If you get error “User <name> doesn't exist” when login, the possible cause is that the number of your active users exceeded the licenses you own before upgrade. Please use "admin" to log in SourceAnywhere Hosted Server Manager and check the status of the users.

    Please note "admin" takes one license too. If you’d like to disable it, please click here.

    If you'd like to add more licenses to your account, please check this article.

    - On the first login after upgrade, in the main explorer of Window GUI Client, you will find a new column named “Status”, where some files are marked as “Unknown” and others “Missing”.

    To fix the “Unknown” status, we recommend you select “Skip” in the menu Tools| Options | Files tab | Replace writable files dropdown list, and then perform a recursive Get Latest Version command on your project.

    From the second login, the Status column will display the correct local file status: Old, Normal, Missing, or Modified.

    - For system admins, rest assured that your configurations in Server Manager will be kept as it is. For developers, the working folder info and other settings of Windows GUI Client will remain the same.

If you encounter any problem during the upgrade, please feel free to contact us.

Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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