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For those who want to upgrade to the latest version of SourceAnywhere, please follow the instructions below:

1. Before upgrade, please verify the following things:

• Please back up your SourceAnywhere license keys in Server Manager if you own full licenses.
• To keep your SourceAnywhere Server settings, please backup “sawsconfigure.ini” in the installation folder of SourceAnywhere Server.
• Stop SourceAnywhere Service.
• Back up your "SourceAnywhere" database of the old version in SQL Server which includes all your source data.

2. Install the new version.

Download the latest version of SourceAnywhere

During the installation process of the new-version Server, you will be prompted whether to keep your existing 'SourceAnywhere' database.


Please click on YES button to connect to the existing database. If you click on NO button, a brand new database will be created and it will replace the existing one.

NOTE: SourceAnywhere Server 6.x is compatible with Client 6 or above, and older versions 4, 5. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to upgrade all the components of SourceAnywhere to v6.x to enjoy the full benefits of the latest version.

3. Get the licenses of version 6.x.

If you have full licenses, please add them in the Serial Numbers window of SourceAnywhere 6.x Server Manager.

• The licenses of version 6.x are compatible.
• The licenses of version 5.x or below are INCOMPATIBLE with version 6.x.
• To get the licenses of version 6.x, you can purchase the upgrade online. Users with valid Yearly Subscription (Annual Maintenance) are entitled to get free upgrade. You can contact sales[at] for it.

4. Start the SourceAnywhere Service if it’s not done automatically. More details

If you encounter any problem during the upgrade, please feel free to contact us.
Email Support: sawstd[at]
Online Chat Support:


Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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