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I installed for test the SourceAnywhere standalone solution last month and liked it a lot. It became apparent that I would need to use the Hosted Solution when a new programmer was hired to help me work on my projects since we would never work in the same office.

Is there an easy way to migrate from Standalone to Hosted, or do I simply checkout the entire projects, disconnect the source, and then add the project with the hosted administration tool (and lose all my versions (not that's its a big deal at this point.))



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Hi redsoxfred,

To migrate from SourceAnywhere Standalone to SourceAnywhere Hosted, you can choose one of the following ways:

1. Migrate only the latest version of your projects: get the latest version of your entire projects, and add them into SourceAnywhere Hosted.

2. Migrate all the history to SourceAnywhere Hosted. Following is the detailed steps to achieve it. Please NOTE that a little fee is applied for this service.

a) Backup the "SourceAnywhere" database in SQL Server.
b) Sign up for a SourceAnywhere Hosted account.
c) Send the backup of the database and your Organization ID of SourceAnywhere Hosted to, and our system administrator will put your database under your SAW Hosted account.


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