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I am trying to import a VSS database into SAW Standalone Trial edition repository with the provided VSS Import Tool.
My problem is, after the import, some project versions do not run chronologically, e.g. version 1 has date 2008/10/8, version 2 - 2005/3/9. I ran the analyze ss utility to repair the vss database, but that didn't help. Also, I get multiple errors reading "Item "$/XX.cpp" doesn't exist", but I'm pretty sure the history of those files is OK in VSS, that is, I am able to open each history item for the file.

One more problem is that, on certain projects, SAW does not show any differences between project versions in 'View Project by History Version'.

Are these problems with the VSS database, and what could I do to fix them? I am really thinking about replacing VSS with SAW, and I know project differences is a 'bonus' option in SAW compared to VSS, but I think it's a cool one and would like to have it for my projects histories.




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It seems your VSS Database is corrupted. Which version of VSS are you using? Please upgrade your VSS to the latest version and then run the Analyze tool to see if the issue can be solved.

Also, is it possible you send your VSS database to us so we can pinpoint the issue for you?


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