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Server configuration

8 Core 3.4Ghz
64 bit Intel Xeon
16GB ram
Storage backended on new EMC CX3-40
Windows Server 2008

Client configuration

3-4 GB ram
Fast Processor
VS2008 using SourceAnywhere plugin

Connected and being used exclusively on an internal lan.


We tested two common scenarios we see performance issues.

1) Get Latest version
We concluded there is no difference in speed between SourceSafe and this product.

2) Get Latest version and wait for pending checkins view in VS2008 to complete in background threads
Up to 20% slower than SourceSafe on exact same code base.

We tried to get these issues resolved with support, but to date, support has not really cared nor been capable of resolving these issues.

Rename/File Move issues

We experience issues whenever we rename or move files between folders in VS2008. I'm not sure which component fails but all I can say is we end up having to manually edit either the project in VS2008 to bring it in line with source control or vice versa. It seems random, but always take 15-20 minutes to fix the issue by hand.

We can perform the exact same operations in Visual Source without any problems.

To be fair, there are many things I like about this product. I was hoping we could get better performance, but it seems like we have some fundamental problem. We ended up tweaking and setting every switch in the server product to no avail. We ended up spending a good 2 days on the performance issue alone.

We continually monitor our lan for network issues, but these issues seem to be integration related between VS2008 and this SourceAnywhere plugin for Visual Studio.


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You have high end hardware!

Can you let us know the contact info you used to communicate with our technical support team? It seems we cannot locate your support history.

SourceAnywhere Standalone should be much faster than SourceSafe:

1.When used remotely, SourceAnywhere Standalone is about 100 times faster than SourceSafe. When used locally, the performance different is not so big;

2.The throughput of SourceAnywhere Standalone is much higher than SourceSafe, especially when you have high end hardware. When you have more users, the performance difference between SourceAnywhere and SourceSafe is bigger. Our SourceAnywhere Hosted server has similar configuration like yours and can support more than 3,500 users easily.

3.The bigger the repository, the bigger the performance difference between SourceAnywhere and SourceSafe.

After that being said, even though SourceAnywhere has more features than SourceSafe, if your team size is smaller than 30 and you only use SourceAnywhere locally, the performance between SourceAnywhere and SourceSafe is not very big.

For the particular SourceAnywhere Standalone and Visual Studio 2008 integration scenario, we can do more tests. Meanwhile, can you let us know the information like how many projects and files you have in your solution, what kind of files/projects you are working on, etc.?

Generally, for the performance issue, we can check some the following things:
1. Make sure the temp folder and cache folder of SourceAnywhere Standalone are not protected by any anti-virus software.

2. Choose Local Connection for the Connection Type option at the client side: ... Option.htm

3. Make sure cache file path is set properly. The Cache user, group, security and project tree structure info option is selected. Also, since you have 16G RAM, please select the Use a fixed amount of memory option, and input 128 in the Memory size(MB) edit box. ... etting.htm

For the Rename/File Move issue, we cannot reproduce it. Can you let us know the details about the steps to reproduce it, the error message you got and the screen shots of important steps?

We strive to provide the best possible product and support for our users. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us when you need any help or have any questions.


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