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Hi Katy,

Glad to know SourceAnywhere Hosted works well for you. For your questions regarding TFS:

- any chance i can keep the history during migration?

Currently not. We don't have a tool to migrade from SAW to TFS yet. Migrating to TFS from SAW would mean you can keep only the last version. However, if you decide to do the migration, we can keep your old SAW account alive for your future reference (read -only) for free. :)
- do you have a step by step guide for this kind of migration?

Please check out the below article on how to start TFS hosting service.
After you have signed up for a TFS account, you can get (the latest version of) all your projects from the old SourceAnywhere Hosted account and add them to the TFS account.
- now that visual studio 2012 is out, is there any plan to upgrade your server side application?

Sure. This is already on our team's agenda. We will upgrade the system as soon as all tests prove to be stable.

Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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