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Joined: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:26 am
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Fairly new to the whole Source Control realm.

We are currently running the trial version of SourceAnywhere Standalone. We have it loaded on a server and then the client loaded on two computers.

When one user checks out a file, it does not show that the file is checked out on the other computer until you try to check the same file out on the second computer.

We also do not get the most recent version of a file until we try to edit the file.

Is this common practice?



Joined: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:26 am
Posts: 6
Tried to edit original post but Verification question did not work.

Other notes to above post:
-Icon shows incorrectly unless you "Get Latest Version" or try to edit for any file that's checked out by a different user.

Is there any way to have it automatically get latest version when you open a file?



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Hi Andy,

You need to perform Refresh or Get Latest Version manually to update the local files.

The reason why SourceAnywhere Standalone is designed this way is to avoid excessive refreshing. Virtually all the major SCM tools behavior this way. Also, even though the file status does not reflect the latest status, when you do an operation on that file, SourceAnywhere refreshes the status automatically and behaviors accordingly. So do not worry if the status is up to date. The best practice is that when you want to see the latest status, refresh the tree.

In Visual Studio, how and when SourceAnywhere Standalone shows the latest file status is controlled by Visual Studio. As you can see that Visual Studio also does not refresh the file status automatically. Editing or Gettingt the file is not the only way to show the file status. The more appropriate way is to refresh the project tree. You can find the "refresh" button in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.


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