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Improvements in SAW 3.1:

1. A brand new Server Manager
2. Password Policy. Protect user accounts with strong passwords


3. SAW Explorer and SAW SCC IDE integration are modified according to the password policy and other changes.
4. New SCC Provider Manager. You can switch your SCC Provider visually
Improved check in speed
5. The Server Manager configuration file, sawconfigure.ini, is not compatible with the previous version due to the dramatic change of Server Manager
6. The BlowFish Key file is not compatible with the previous version. For encrypted communication, all the key files should be reissued

Bug fixed in SAW 3.1:

1. When force check in both unchanged files and changed files at the same time, some files can not be checked in
2. With encrypted communication, if the length of the password is 8, after one user logs in, the server may stop

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