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I want to do the traditional branch off at a label (1.0 say) while allowing development to continue. So I will do some fix in a new (shared with some changed files branched) project. I view the project history, right click etc, then I see my Label, say LABEL_1_0 and I select and click share. So far so good. Now in the "Share From" box I browse to the new location (not a subproject of the project in question) and I click recursive. But only the top level 'directory' of my project gets placed in the new location. The entire subtree and all files aren't pulled out. Let's call this 'project rocket'.

Here's the twist. On another project I can successfully do this. (And go on to branch files I need to change, edit them, do checkins and eventually merge back to the original project which I view as my 'main' branch).Let's call this 'project atom'.

So I can share-off-label with project atom but not with project rocket. I see no inherent reason why they should behave differently. I need to determine why it doesn't work for rocket. Otherwise I cannot continue to roll out this branching strategy across my group.

All help is greatly appreciated.
Yours, the rocket and atom guy!


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I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. Would you please try analyzing your VSS database and make sure the database is healthy? For information on how to detect and fix database corruption errors in VSS, please refer to:


Catherine Sea
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