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I have a report server project in Visual Studio 2005. First of all I got a lot of complaints from SCM Anywhere when I tried to add it to source safe. I had to create a brand new project and then copy over the reports. Now that I have it checked in, I can't check out any files. Is get this error:

Error checking out file(s): Folder tree is out of date. Please refresh your folder tree.

Is VS 2005 not supported? Any help would be greately appreciated.



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SCM Anywhere Standalone is compatible with Visual Studio 2005. According to the record from our support team, the problem has been solved through email. In case other users get the same problem, I'm pasting the solution here:

Technically, if the project's (or its parent's) name or path has been changed by someone else, you may get the error message when performing the check-out operation. The problem can be solved by manually refreshing the project. (Jason, please let me know if changing the project structure is not the case for you.)

In addition, SCM Anywhere has two source control plug-ins for Visual Studio: MSSCCI and VSPackage. We recommend you use VSPackage for its better integration with Visual Studio. Since VSPackage refreshes the project automatically, switching from the MSSCCI plug-in to VSPackage helps Jason solve the problem. ... Package%3F

First of all I got a lot of complaints from SCM Anywhere when I tried to add it to source safe.

To help us improve the product, would you please tell me these complaints. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


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