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I've just installed the trial of SCM standalone 2.1 trial and am testing it.
I need to have 3 stages in the development:
1. Develop
2. Test
3. Production

Development goes into the developer stage, then the changes are propagated to test phase, and then to production phase.
I've created a Production Project from my current source, branched it to Test and then branched Test to Develop branches.
The privileges are as follows:
"Developer" group has full acces to Develop branch and Read access to Test and Production
"Lead Tester" group has full access to Test branch and Read access to Develop and Production
"Production manager" has full access to Production branch and read access to Develop and Test

1. issue:
when i get the latest version of the complete source, and load the project from "Develop" branch and am logged in SCM as a "developer", I try to check out the file, SCM tells me that I have no CheckOut permissions on the "Production" branch???
ie: I try to checkout "$/develop/proj1/proj1.vbproj", and SCM tells me that I have no permissions on "$/production/proj1/proj1.vbproj"

2. issue:
When I log in as Administrator (full rights) and check out the desired file ("$/develop/proj1/proj1.vbproj"), change it and check in, THE CHANGES GO TO "$/production/proj1/proj1.vbproj"???

Also, i've noticed that when i get the latest version of Develop branch, it is bound to Production branch????

can you help me with haste, because I need to make a decision for my organisation quite quickly.

thank you


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Hi Igor,

You can contact us via LiveHelp to have an online meeting so that we can look into the issue together. Our LiveHelp can be found here:


Catherine Sea
Dynamsoft Support Team
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