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I am wondering why the "Annotate" feature always gives me a read only interface where I cannot actually annotate a version of the file? It doesn't seem to matter if the file is checked in, or checked out, or what not. What am I missing here?


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Hi mdanielski,

>I am wondering why the "Annotate" feature always gives me a read only interface

Do you mean "Annotate" is grayed out? If not, did you get any error message when you click "Annotate"? Please note that you are not allowed to annotate binary files in SCM Anywhere Standalone. If this is the issue, please change the type of files you want to annotate to mergeable.

To change the file type, you can log into SCM Anywhere Standalone as admin, go to Admin | SCM Anywhere | Team Projects (Team Project Templates) | Source Control | Mergeable File Types, and add the mergeable file type (e.g.: txt, exe) you want to add. For more information, please refer to:
http://www.scmsoftwareconfigurationmana ... e-Type.htm

After the above step, please re-log into SCM Anywhere Standalone and apply Annotate again to see if it works.

If this is not the case, you can schedule a GoToMeeting session with us via LiveHelp. With GoToMeeting, you can share your desktop and give us controls of your mouse and keyboard when necessary. Our LiveHelp can be found at:


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